Consultation Services: Medication Review

Why should you see a Drug-Nutrient Depletion or Medication Specialist?

Are you and your body getting the most out of the money you are spending on your monthly medications? As health care costs continue to rise, everyone is looking for ways to reduce their monthly medication expenses. As newer, more expensive drugs come onto the market, pharmaceutical companies send their sales representatives out in droves to encourage doctors to prescribe their medications instead of the competition. That is the way they make money and it won't change anytime soon. We must accept that, but what we (and especially you) don't have to accept is the fact that that new blockbuster drig is the best thing for everyone. Everyone's situtation is different. Their might be a less expensive and just as effective alternative out there for you.

Perhaps you were put on a medication to help with your condition and it is working fine, but now you have been put on another medication to help with the side effects caused by the first medication. Before you know it, you are on more medications than you can remember to take. Some might even stop taking some of their medicine out of frustration. If you are getting frustrated or are just curious to see if their are alternatives to what you are taking now, you need to sit down with one of our Consultant Pharmacists.

Is your doctor telling you that your medication regimen is working great, but you still don't feel like your old self? It may be that while your medications are working just fine at treating your condition, they may also be leading to vitamin deficiencies, a loss of essential nutrients or enzyme deficiencies. Perhaps a side effect of the medication is really nothing more than a nutrient deficiency that can be treated with a simple dietary supplement rather than a more expensive prescription medication.

Did a family member recommend a dietary supplement, but your aren't sure whether it will interact with any medications that your are taking? Let our friendly knowledgeable staff site down with you and go over what you are taking and what supplement smight be okay to take to increase your overall health.

Our Consultant Pharmaciests work along with your doctors to help you get the maximum amount of health benefits from the least amount of medications.

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