Consultation Services: Veterinary Needs

DogWe assist veterinarians by providing suitable medications for their patients. Many times drugs that are designed for people need to be adjusted to fit the needs of animals. It’s hard to reason with a cat as to why they should take their medicine or the reward that awaits them if the don’t bite you in the process.

Different species have different tastes. We take that, as well as your pet's personal tastes, into account when designing our formulations.

We are able to develop custom solutions in the form of “treats”, so owners don’t have to fight with their pets when administering prescriptions. Formulations also need to be made to modify dosages and drug combinations or recreate a discontinued product. All in a day's work at Portage Pharmacy.

Our customized approach improves compliance and outcomes while simplifying the delivery of quality veterinarian care. Not only are we as specialized as your needs, we are also as specialized at your pet's needs!

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